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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Walking the streets of Barcelona and you’ll find they’re often infused with a sweet scent. That is the desserts and sweet treats you can find in corner cafes and serve as a merienda, or afternoon snack.

From warm crepes to gooey chocolate pastries, the best desserts in Barcelona will satisfy your sweet tooth no matter what you’re craving. Prepare yourself for a sugar rush, because in terms of desserts, this city does not disappoint.

There are so many quirky places serving up decadent signature treats, so merienda in Barcelona is always an exciting occasion. From high-end bakeries to masterful dessert tapas, and funky new churro spots to specialist gluten-free or vegan locales, the best bakeries in Barcelona have something delicious to satisfy every dessert fiend.

Head out with us on a tour of the best desserts in Barcelona. We’ll share spots that have perfected their signature style, and the best dessert to try at each. Just try not to get too hungry!


The genius pastry chefs at Espaisucre have brought a dessert lover’s dream to life: a restaurant serving up dessert tapas. Their attention to detail makes each dish exquisite, combining flavours and textures that deepen each guest’s idea of what makes a good dessert. The creative flair and elegant play to the senses allow Espaisucre to offer some of the best desserts in Barcelona. Try their tasting menu to explore the surprising dishes these creative chefs have dreamed up.


Comaxurros is the funky, next-generation answer to one of the most traditional Spanish desserts. This place combines tradition with an air of modernity, creating their own signature dessert experience out of the classic churro. With innovative speciality churros like their filled passion fruit churro, or a traditional half dozen with a warm cup of chocolate for dipping, there’s never been a more exciting way to embrace the fried goodness.

La Donutería

Who doesn’t get a doughnut craving now and then? You’ll never want to go anywhere else to enjoy your favourite pastry after trying one of the La Donutería. This place has brought the American specialty doughnut craze to Barcelona, where we can now enjoy big, beautiful artisanal doughnuts in an endless variety of vibrant colours and flavours. With options like matcha and raspberry or iced passionfruit with cocoa nibs, this dessert spot keeps patrons coming back for more.

La Fabrique

If you’re looking for a more traditional dessert spot, grab a pastry at La Fabrique. This bakery in Poble Sec feels like a rustic little farm shop, and serves up breads and pastries that rival the likes of French pâtisseries. The bakery closes early, so this shop is best for grabbing breakfast or a sweet treat to eat later. Order a croissant made with care, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a morning one of the best bakeries in Barcelona.

Gula Sana Gluten Free Cafe

Gluten-free foodies, look no further for your sugar fix. Gula Sala Gluten Free Cafe is a quaint little spot with your name on it. Despite the gluten-free stamp their desserts receive, Gula Sana some of the best cakes Barcelona has to offer. This restaurant has a hip and cosy feel, and offers brunch, sandwiches, and other savoury treats in addition to their delicious muffins, cakes, and cookies. The shop is completely gluten-free, so gluten-intolerant guests can maintain peace of mind no matter what yummy treat they choose!


Are you looking for vegan desserts? Barcelona has you covered on that front too. Marawcuya is a great spot with a focus on serving raw vegan desserts that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re trying something new or you maintain a raw, vegan diet yourself, you’ll be excited to explore their fun and delicious pies, cakes, and cookies. Treat your body well while enjoying some of the best cakes Barcelona’s vegan scene has to offer.

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