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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hamburgers are a classic indulgence across many cultures, but their permanent spot on any fast-food menu has earned them a junk-food reputation in the past.

Recently, however, this trend is beginning to shift, with hamburger meat getting a gourmet update on menus worldwide. High-quality meat, unusual ingredients, and exciting sauces set a gourmet burger apart from the rest. This hand-held meal is surpassing its status on the McDonald’s menu, giving chefs the perfect canvas for innovative new recipes

The variety of ingredients in a hamburger provides endless opportunities for creative recipes to come to life. Chefs can play with size, different types of hamburger meat, or even vegan burgers, as well as unlimited toppings and sauces, and inspirations from cuisines around the world to craft the perfect bite.

So why not sink your teeth into the following gourmet burger trends...

Mini burgers

First up is the element of size. When most people think of burgers, a fairly standard size comes to mind. But these smaller sliders contain a small patty and miniature bun, perfectly bitezise. You can order mini burgers by themselves as a starter, or a tray with multiple sliders of different styles. They’re perfect for sharing.

Variety in protein

Protein is what makes a burger a burger, but hamburger meat is getting an update with new vegan burger options. Vegan burgers and vegetarian options are all the rage with ingredients like sweet potato, quinoa, tofu, beans, or portobello mushrooms replacing traditional beef filling. Vegetarians can also enjoy an egg on top of their veggie burger patty, as fried whites and runny yolks have become a crowd favorite in recent years. Meat lovers, on the other hand, may opt to double up on the protein, ordering burgers with two stacked patties of hamburger meat for an extra-filling meal. You can even add bacon, pulled pork, or sausage to your sandwich.

Creative toppings

Creative toppings are a must to complement a gourmet burger. If you’re a fan of the traditional cheeseburger, you’ll love to get your hands on a burger with goat cheese, blue cheese, feta, pepper jack, or brie. Other creative toppings include savory marmalades, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy pickles, candied bacon, and more. The options are endless as long as there’s a creative chef around!

Exciting sauces

Whatever burger you choose, the real secret is in the sauce. Another way chefs are spicing up the burger game is by throwing exciting new sauces into the mix. Traditional ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are making way for teriyaki, tzatziki, smoky barbecue, and sriracha mayo. Sauces like sweet hoisin, herby aioli, or zesty ranch can add a punch of flavour to any burger, so it’s no wonder gourmet burger lovers keep coming back for more.

Unique inspirations

Another unexpected trend is inspired by international cuisines. A spicy Mexican burger could feature ingredients like pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, and fresh pico de gallo. A Korean-inspired hamburger may have a kimchi slaw, while a Japanese version may get a smear of wasabi mayonnaise. Sushi burgers are even trending, with crab meat, sriracha, and crunchy onions to mimic the traditional Japanese delicacy.

Bread variety

You may think classic burger buns are here to stay. But this core ingredient has also been given an update in recent years. Chefs can switch out the traditional burger bun with artisan bread, including pretzel rolls, brioche buns, onion rolls, or English muffins. What was once the container for the main attraction is now another way to mix up the classic sandwich.

With gluten-free diets on the rise, bun alternatives are becoming more popular as well. Swap a classic bun for gluten-free bread, lettuce wrapped around the meat, portobello mushrooms, or skip the bun altogether.

Terminal 42’s take on the gourmet burger

Our chefs have opted for a flavourful spin in the gourmet burger. We top 180 grams of tender, juicy aged hamburger meat with strips of bacon, sprouts, tomato, and mature cheddar.

Our soft sesame brioche buns tie the sandwich together for a mouthwatering combination of fresh flavours and satisfying textures in every bite. At Terminal 42, we’ll be celebrating our official launch in August! Keep following for more details, and let’s celebrate our grand re-opening together. Book your table at powered by The Fork.

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