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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

As the mercury rises, foodies are swarming to sink their teeth into the latest summer dishes. We’re envisioning lunch in the sun with great salad ingredients, fresh bites of ceviche, and ice-cold beverages to wash it all down. Unexpected summer dishes are rising in popularity, classics are making a comeback, and one fresh plate has its own special holiday. With the dreary winter days behind us, it’s time to celebrate beach weather, good times with friends, and the best plates to try together this summer.

As the hot season hits, you’ll want to be on the lookout for trending summer salads that take this crisp dish to the next level. Now you can find salads with tabbouleh, lentils, and flavours from all over the world. Ceviches of raw fish spiked with lemon are all the rage, and cold soups offer a delicious and satisfying new summer option. Bold flavours and zesty, chilled creations are coming to a plate near you, and they’re sure to have you coming back for more.

Before simply typing “salad near me” into your search bar, grab a fork and dive into this list of summer foods on-trend for summer 2020. We can almost guarantee that after you’ve read the list, you’ll be craving at least one of these delicious plates. Whether you love raw fish or great salad ingredients that add a little extra to your lettuce, this list has something unique to delight your palate.

So, what is ceviche?

Without a doubt, ceviche shines as the top summer food on trend for 2020. But you may be wondering, what is ceviche? This traditional Peruvian dish combines fresh, raw fish with a citrus marinade, usually made with lemon or lime juice. The citrus changes the structure of the fish proteins, giving it a cooked appearance without the use of heat. And what is ceviche without a few extra flavours thrown in the mix? Herbs like coriander and oregano and vegetables like onions and tomato often complete this dish, coming together in a delicious combination straight from the sea. Serve with corn tortillas for an authentic Peruvian treat.

The flavourful plate even has its own holiday, with June 28 officially the International Day of Ceviche. Celebrate by ordering a shrimp, tuna, or red snapper ceviche to try with friends. Terminal 42 will share our spin on this plate soon, so stay tuned for the “ceviche near me” that you’ve really got to try!

Mixed salad with lentils

When it comes to salad, you may be searching for something more than just lettuce and tomato. For truly great salad ingredients, take a bite of Terminal 42’s mixed salad with lentils. This dish is a fresh spin on the mixed salad, with ingredients like lentils, raisins, and lemon vinaigrette. There’s nothing like crunching into a fresh salad on a hot day, and the sweet, zesty flavours of this dish make it an excellent choice for your next lunch in the sun.

Tabbouleh salad

Our spin on the tabbouleh salad takes great salad ingredients to a new level. We use quinoa instead of bulgar wheat, then add in red onion, tomato, and cucumber for a healthy combination of cooling textures and flavours. We season the dish with parsley, mint, and lemon juice for a delicious final touch. Enjoy these great salad ingredients among many others to choose from on our menu to kick your warm summer dinners up a notch.


Why not order a bowl of vichyssoise for a different spin on fresh summer plates? Vichyssoise is a cold soup, traditionally prepared with pureed potatoes, leeks, onions, cream, and chicken stock. Sipping a chilled yet satisfying dish helps beat the heat all summer long, so cold soups are popular in hot climes for a good reason.

Fresh oysters on the half-shell

We know you love great salad ingredients, but leave room for some fresh oysters straight from the sea. Share a decadent tray of oysters with friends as an appetizer, or grab them as a snack to savour over drinks. We serve up our oysters with the freshest toppings, so you’ll enjoy the tangy, salty goodness with every bite. If you’re looking for a starter before diving into a delectable plate of ceviche, look no further than this maritime delicacy.

And to wash it down…

Pour a nice glass of cava to cleanse your palate. Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the most refreshing Catalan beverage, sparkling wine with an incredible history right here in Catalonia. We recommend grabbing a bottle of Llopart Brut Nature Reserva to go with your next meal to add crisp sophistication to a picnic in the sun.

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