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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Barcelona is full of unique haunts that combine creative style and quality, and the BCN coffee scene is no exception. Coffee-loving locals and tourists alike enjoy exploring the city’s artisan roasters in search of the perfect cup of Joe. Whether you prefer to sip while gazing at modern art or learning about the science behind your favourite specialty coffee, Barcelona has you covered. Our city does coffee with a fantastic combination of quality, creativity, and signature style, and we’ve rounded up the best cafes to prove it. Get ready to hear your favourite three words; who wants coffee?

When searching ’specialty coffee near me,’ some go for the cosy chairs and intoxicating aromas, while others prefer funky decor and intricate foam designs. Come along on a tour of some of our favourite coffee shops in Barcelona and we’ll show you the ones that have mastered their signature style.

Cafés El Magnífico

First, let’s discover the rich history of one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona. Tucked into the gothic streets of the Born neighbourhood, its stained-glass windows and warm aromas entice any passer-by. Since it opened in 1919, Cafés El Magnífico has been expanding its selection of beans, drawing in crowds with its bean-to-cup mentality, sharing the whole process with customers. There is even a website offering bagged beans from nearly 20 countries around the world. The appreciation for high-quality beans and roasting techniques has stood the test of time, and a piping hot café con leche is enough to prove it.

Their signature sip: Any of their classic espresso drinks will perk you right up. Let the beans speak for themselves by trying an aromatic latte or a shot of straight espresso.

Nømad Coffee Roaster’s Home

Some of the best specialty coffee in Barcelona comes from a well-known roaster called Nømad, run by London-trained barista champion Jordi Mestre. The beans become flat whites in many shops around the city, including its three dedicated locations, Nømad Every Day, Nømad Coffee Lab and Shop, and the main location, Nømad Coffee Roaster’s Home. This is the perfect place to explore the delicious science behind coffee. Much like enjoying a glass of fine wine, each coffee comes wi

th a description of notes and flavours and describes how to brew based on your machine. You can sample their amazing beans at the store or in the comfort of your home.

Their signature sip: For the signature Nømad experience, take a coffee class to learn about your favourite beverage. If you’re just passing through, try a cup made with one of their high-quality machines, like an AeroPress or Chemex.


If you’re near the Gràcia neighbourhood, you’ll find the best specialty coffee at SlowMov. This little locale plays on the concept of slow food, turning the art of coffee making into a way of life. The quaint feel of the shop pairs with a big emphasis on community and local ingredients to create their signature style. As one of the only coffee shops in Barcelona that has a roaster on site, SlowMov gives its customers a taste of their unique essence in every cup.

Their signature sip: Try a hand-brewed cup of their delicious house-made coffee for an authentically SlowMov experience.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

When it comes to specialty coffee, Barcelona has a founding member of the scene that cannot go unmentioned. Satan’s Coffee Corner is still the talk of the town as, and with good reason. This place rolls a laid-back attitude and punk rock spirit into one aesthetic, and serves up some of the best specialty coffee in Barcelona. Come in for the intrigue, and stay for the delicious brews.

Their signature sip: Try a pour-over of their international beans to discover Satan’s Coffee Corner’s unique taste when it comes to quality espresso.

Cosmo café y galería de arte

Cosmo café and art gallery takes its signature style to another level with delicious lattes, tasty bites of food, and funky art lining the walls. Located right around the corner from the University of Barcelona, this gem is always brimming with life. Cosmo’s eclectic style combines with Nømad’s coffee beans to produce fun beverages that match the quirky art on the walls. If you’re craving hipster vibes and specialty coffee, Barcelona offers up Cosmo as your best bet.

Their signature sip: Try a flavoured latte to see how Cosmo uses Nømad’s coffee beans to put their own sweet spin on some of the best specialty coffee in Barcelona.

Hidden Café

Once a hidden gem in the Les Corts neighbourhood, Hidden Café has since emerged as one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona. This cool spot boasts seasoned baristas and vibrant aesthetics. With their fresh take on specialty coffee, Barcelona residents can’t get enough.

Their signature sip: Try a pour-over with their signature beans, or head off the beaten path with a matcha latte. They get their matcha straight from Japan, offering an authentic way to switch up your daily caffeine intake.

Onna Coffee

Onna Coffee is run by Costa Rica native Anahi Paez. She sources her beans from her home country, which is world-famous for its delicious java. Onna Coffee prides itself on quality, care, and a cosy atmosphere. Sit back and let your taste buds transport you to tropical Costa Rica while sipping some of the best specialty coffee Barcelona has to offer.

Their signature sip: Try a mocha with delicate foam art layered in, or cool down with an icy cold brew on a hot summer’s day.

Just like our favourite local coffee shops, Terminal 42 is dedicated to cocina de autor, what we know as signature cuisine. We’re a new spot in Barcelona, serving up our own signature mix of international cuisine, local ingredients, and eclectic modern style. After savouring the perfect specialty coffee we invite you to try our chef Alejandro’s masterful creations!

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