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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Welcome to a new year, and welcome to the most vibrant new restaurant in Barcelona, Terminal 42. If you’re looking for community spirit, great food and a real connection to the city, come and visit us and see for yourself.

If you want to know where the name comes from, the motivation for starting the restaurant and why the food is so good, read on for all that and more.

A place to connect

The founding concept behind Terminal 42 is to connect people. Located right next to a metro stop with direct lines to Barcelona’s airport, Terminal 42 was envisioned as a place that people passing through the city could visit, work and enjoy great quality food. The restaurant is a welcoming and comfortable space where people can work, relax, read a book or chat with a friend.

If you’ve ever spent an hour crossing an airport just to find a cramped bench to rest on for a few hours, you’ll know that airport terminals are not designed for comfort. An hour of free wi-fi and expensive water is no way to travel in 2020. The owners of Terminal 42 wanted to use new restaurant concepts that welcome travellers and show them the best of home comforts, along with great food and an inspired team.

The décor is relaxed but luxurious, and the food is tasty yet unpretentious. If you need a place to get away from a busy travel day, enjoy some enticing gastronomy and a glass of locally produced cava, check out Terminal 42.

Crazy about community

The restaurant is the best terminal you’ll ever use, but it’s not just for those passing through. This space was imagined with the local community firmly in mind. From the food to the décor, menu choices to location selection, Terminal 42 is all about knowing and engaging with what’s on our doorstep.

We’ve taken this to heart with the menu. You’ll enjoy locally sourced cava wines, fantastic connections to the local farms for vegetables, fruit and meats, as well as a real interest in helping these local businesses prosper. We are big believers in fresh, and the local connection means we can get daily deliveries from nearby suppliers, making every dish a riot of flavour and freshness.

Healthy and wholesome

An active community and great location will warm the soul, but what about your stomach? High quality food is one of the foundations of the restaurant. This quality comes from the team cooking behind the scenes as well as the original source. Utilising ‘comida organica’ that’s pesticide and chemical-free is very important to the Terminal 42 menu, as are dishes that locals will recognise (with some exciting twists).

We also want customers to understand more about their dishes. When you look at the menu you’ll see Kera the rhino beside some items. Your healthy eating guide, Kera represents dishes that are locally sourced and organically grown, bringing health and new restaurant concepts directly to you.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Your plane, your train and your hunger can all arrive at any time during the day, so Terminal 42 is ready to welcome you for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with a craft cocktail. Whenever you want to check in, there’s a space for you.

Brunch is one of the best opportunities to see Terminal 42 at its best, with a passionate energy and friendly buzz. Bottomless brunch with limitless drinks and international dishes is a great way to experience the atmosphere here. Outside of the meticulously prepared menu items, Terminal 42 also serves snacks and tapas throughout the day. Are you asking yourself “what’s the best brunch near me?” Then Terminal 42 should be next on your list.

Business ready

As well as being a fantastic place to have a beer with a friend, a cocktail with a co-worker or dinner with the in-laws, the restaurant is also a premier business networking location too. Centrally located, well-connected and luxurious, Terminal 42 was designed to be used by everyone and anyone.

If you need a place to bring a client for a morning coffee, a quiet but energetic lunch meeting or a sophisticated dinner get-together, you won’t find a new restaurant in Barcelona that’s better than Terminal 42.

Foodie heaven

On top of our exciting culinary efforts, we also have our own magazine to keep you updated on our latest offerings, as well as exciting Spanish cooking news, interesting culinary techniques and everything you need to know about life in Barcelona.

The magazine will include articles about upcoming food events, exciting Spanish chefs and important local traditions. If you want to know how to cook the perfect tapas, mix that tempting sunset cocktail or know more about the origins of cava, check out El Mordisco here.

Terminal 42 is open now, and ready to welcome you to the club. Enjoy the food and soak up the international atmosphere at the best new restaurant in Barcelona.

Join the community now!

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