Discovering Spain’s number one restaurant Disfrutar Barcelona

They say too many cooks spoil the broth. This is simply not the case with Spain’s number one restaurant Disfrutar Barcelona. Three culinary geniuses in one kitchen - surely the dishes they create are nothing short of wondrous?

Our suspicions are correct, with Disfrutar’s masterchef trio Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casanas winning the Best Chef Awards 2020.

But where did these foodie wizards learn such delicious sorcery? And how did Disfrutar become such a hit on the culinary scene?

Let’s tuck in and discover the story of restaurant Disfrutar Barcelona.

The chefs’ background

All three chefs have a unique, impressive and tasty story that led them to their fame in the culinary world. And all share a life-changing experience.

The three chefs became true masters of their cooking craft after stepping into the magnificent and world-renowned kingdom of culinary reverence known as El Bulli. Owned and run by one of the best chefs globally, Ferran Andreà, El Bulli restaurant no longer runs today, but its legacy lives through these incredible chefs, bringing the Bulli culture to Disfrutar. But all great masters have to start somewhere.

Barcelona-born Oriol Casto began his flavour-inspired quest when he entered Escuela Joviat in Manresa, where he studied hospitality and pastry making at Guild in Barcelona. He went in to work with top chefs like Jean Luc Berasategui and Paco Torreblanca before making his debut in El Bulli. He now also runs virtual and in-person masterclasses, which feature guest stars in the foodie scene.

Eduard Xatruch, born in Tarragona, studied at Escuela de Hosterlia and Turismo. His talents did not go unnoticed as he went on to complete an internship with Restaurante Arzak and later made his name in El Bulli.

Mateu Casañas is from Roses (Gerona), where his passion for flavour was born through his family’s restaurant Si us plau. Fortunately for Casañas, his parents were friends of Ferran Adreà’s family, which led to his time in Cala Montjoi. Before long, he was declared the winner of the “Best Pastry Chef” award from Lo Mejor de la Gasrtonomia.

El Bulli restaurant no longer runs, but its legacy lives on through these incredible chefs who have brought the Bullinian culture into Disfrutar.

The dawning of Disfrutar

Since meeting under the warm, glowing gantry and the watchful eye of Adreà in El Bulli restaurant, the three skilful chefs made their mark, bringing innovation and creativity into the kitchen of Disfrutar. Sharing deep Spanish/Catalan roots and the best in culinary training, it seemed only natural that the master chefs join forces and become business partners once El Bulli closed its doors. Their first venture was Compartir, a restaurant along la Costa Brava which quickly became a raving success. Two years later, they took their creative genius to Barcelona, opening Disfrutar and wowing visitors with their incredible dishes.

What makes it so great?

Disfrutar smashes through the culinary norms of today’s standard menu and brings innovation and creativity to your table with effortless style. It is not just a taste sensation; it’s an expression of powerful contemporary choice inspired by El Bulli.

Tantalising taste and secret surprises

Disfrutar goes against the grain, chopping out minimalism, and brings a carefully curated selection of dishes to impress every palette. They aim to “amaze, stimulate and create through gastronomy”, which they present through their passion-filled tasting menu. Their thirty-dish tasting menu rarely drops below perfection, beautifully blending rich aromas, raw ingredients, and tantalising textures and flavours. Each dish, surprising and playful in its own way, showcases the incredible techniques, training and natural talents of these three master chefs. The element of surprise is all part of the tasting experience, with the chef’s recommending that you choose the menu without peeking at it beforehand.

Special offers

The restaurant also hosts lots of offers, including a take-away snack box filled with the restaurant’s jaw-dropping, star-quality dishes for you to indulge in at home or wherever you want. Perfect for a romantic date night at home, you can pair the luxury snack box with their cocktail and sweet boxes for the ideal combination.

The culinary kings of Disfrutar leave nothing unattended, offering a show-stopping experience like no other, with the awards to back it up.

A glittering awards cabinet

If you’re wondering how to conquer a five-year plan, take a leaf out of Disfrutar’s cookbook.

In 2015, the restaurant popped the champagne to toast their first anniversary and their first Michelin Star in The Michelin Guide. By the following year, they had been named Best New Restaurant in Europe by Opinionated About Dining. In 2017, Disfrutar hit number 55 on 51-100 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The three chefs gained personal recognition in 2018’s Italian guide Identità Golose as the Best Foreign Chefs. They reached number five on the list of The Best Chef Awards 2019, and by 2020, Disfrutar jumped to number four and officially earned the title of the best Spanish restaurant on the list and the top restaurant in Barcelona.

The real Barcelona taste

These sublime master chefs offer an authentic, delicious escape into what Barcelona has to offer, and we don’t doubt that restaurant Disfrutar Barcelona has more grandiose plans simmering away for the future of fine dining.

Terminal 42 is a Barcelona based restaurant that offers foodie inspiration and culinary character with our digital magazine Tu Mordisco.

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