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Michelin star food boxes and all female delivery drivers:

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The new food delivery services

The idea of restaurant-quality food from your favourite brands delivered to you at home

was once just a pipe dream. But then along came the likes of Deliveroo, Glovo, Just Eat

and Uber Eats to change the way we order takeaways forever.

Now, after a year of global pandemic-related shutdowns, the food delivery industry is

changing again. As more people choose to dine in, the industry continues to do what it

does best. Restaurants have brought their creativity to the table, finding more inventive

ways to reach customers and create community through food.

So, how has Covid-19 shifted the world of food delivery services? Well it starts with

another quality upgrade, with Michelin-star delivery and star chef food boxes available on-

demand. Companies are also finding ways to make delivery fairer for workers and

restaurants, pushing through a challenging season to pioneer a takeaway scene that

serves everyone equally.

Let’s take a look at some of the change-makers in the food industry that are concocting

new ways to dine in. After discovering these exciting new trends, you may not be able to

resist ordering your favourite signature cuisine to enjoy at home

Delivery that is fair to workers

As Covid-19 shut down restaurants around the world and sent many communities into

confinement, delivery services became a necessary choice for keeping business alive. But

this meant third-party takeaway companies could charge a premium commission, (often

20-40 per cent per order). It has put many restaurants in a difficult situation, forced to

either lose profits or raise their prices. In the US, this resulted in a class-action lawsuit with

several companies saying the fees were unfair to restaurant workers and clients.

But one company is working to eliminate this dilemma and make takeaway food more

ethical in Barcelona. Les Mercedes is a group of educational tour guides who also had to

pivot during Covid-19, as they could no longer offer their in-person services.

So they hopped on their bikes and formed a new kind of courier experience. Their goal is

providing a sustainable, worker-friendly alternative to Glovo, Uber Eats, and other

businesses with fees that eat into restaurant profits.

Food delivery options that are fair to restaurants

Plenty of restaurants have decided to take matters into their own hands, doing their own

deliveries to cut out the middle-man and keep their hard-earned profits.

While big companies like Glovo and Uber Eats offer convenience and cut out liability,

many restaurants have found that developing their own delivery service is worth the effort.

And with delivery predicted to grow at three times the pace of in-person profits by 2023,

they’re right to see takeaway as an important long-term business decision.

But plenty of companies don’t have the funds to develop their own delivery platform. That’s

where the power of community comes in. New organisations like Delivery Co-op are

emerging to put control back into restaurant and employees’ hands. Local restaurants

come together as “owners,” serving their areas with more equitable choices and helping

businesses retain those hard-earned profits.

Michelin-star delivery

The transformation has taken many forms this year in the restaurant world, as delivery went

from offering only fast-food choices to various upscale options. Behind, Andy Benyon’s

London restaurant even earned a Michelin star after only 20 days trading as a takeaway

restaurant. With exciting high-quality options becoming available, even the most discerning

foodies can get their fill with delivery.

This trend has emerged on the Barcelona scene as well. Disfrutar, a local restaurant with

two Michelin stars offers their exquisite, Mediterranean-inspired dishes as a tempting

alternative to the usual takeaway options. Cocina Hermanos Torres is another restaurant

that has brought this concept to Catalonia, with their offering of complete menus at home,

paired with a bottle of wine.

Star chef food boxes

And the best chefs aren’t stopping at the standard delivery experience. The limitations

everyone’s faced this year have posed an opportunity for creativity. Restaurants like

Massimo Bottura's Franceschetta 58 and Dan Barber’s Blue Hill are welcoming the

the challenge, offering meal kits and inviting patrons to create their exciting recipes with fresh

ingredients at home.

Eateries like, an Asturian restaurant with two Michelin stars, are putting a

traditional spin on this modern idea. They send boxes of hearty Asturian cuisine straight to

your door, with freshly prepared ingredients patrons can simply heat up, plate, and serve.

Valencia has seen the trend emerge as well, with chefs like Quique Dacosta and Ricard

Camarena offering delicious boxes of gourmet creations to be enjoyed among the family

at home.

Delivering a bright future

Despite having to pivot rapidly, restaurants are finding ways to innovate during Covid-19.

There are always inventive ideas to create a fairer and more exciting way for people to

enjoy their food, so leave it to the restaurant industry to bring them to life. When everyone

emerges on the other side of the pandemic, they will surely find a transformed foodie

culture waiting to be savoured.

Terminal 42 is a Barcelona restaurant bringing you the latest food delivery news in our digital foodie magazine, Tu Mordisco. We provide signature cuisine with international inspiration and local ingredients. Our chefs have transformed our offerings to provide exciting delivery options, ensuring you can always access delicious restaurant-quality meals, no matter where you’re eating.

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