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Discover vegan food in Madrid

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In a country that produces some of the highest quality, most delicious cheese, meat

and fish-based dishes, Spain also has jumped on the vegan wagon, with its capital

city becoming home to the leading vegan restaurants in the country. Madrid is taking

us by the hands and leading us into a world of vegan delight, showing us just how

varied and scrumptious the plant-based life can be.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid and how they’re

bringing innovation to the vegan scene.

1. Bite Me Cafe

This trend-setting cafe specialises in the sweet, soft, doughy, irresistible rings of

temptation known as doughnuts; or ‘halos,’ as the cafe’s founders like to call them.

The three doughnut pioneers mastered their artistic, sugary flare from baking

creations in their shared flat kitchen, going on to open their first shop in el Barrio de

Delicias in 2018. Blending fresh all plant-based ingredients, the sweet scent of

doughnuts fills their store every morning, batch after batch. Any doughnut lover will

be simply spoilt for choice, from classic vanilla glazed to pineapple cheesecake! You

can even grab yourself a selection box to “share” with others…

2. Bunny’s Deli

This family-run business dedicates itself to vegan philosophy and protecting the


Running on 100% renewable energy and organic ingredients, committed to sustainable living, and even donating part of its profit to charity—the owners of Bunny’s Deli are all about the good life. Dishing up endless vegan delights since 2017, their menu not only tastes great but looks exquisite. Hop into Bunny’s

Deli for breakfast, lunch, or a sweet treat like their freshly baked XL cookies or

chocolate fudge pie. Who said bunnies just eat leaves?

3. Los Andenes Vegan

Inspired by Peru’s exotic flavours, Los Andenes achieved the impossible - making

Peru’s most famous dishes meat-free! Opting for a healthier option for its diners and

the planet, this daring restaurant offers a culinary journey of discovery and

experimentation. Feel transported to Peru with unusual combinations of textures

and flavours in a brand new dish, whipped up by their resident chef every day.

Experience classic dishes like succulent burgers and steaks, entirely meat-free and

topped off with guilt-free, dairy-free vegan ice cream.

4. Dolce y Vegana

This restaurant really sets itself apart, being the only gourmet Italian vegan bistro in

the city. Tasty and quirky, this vegan sensation offers mouth-watering Italian style

pizzas with the best vegan cheese, delicious sweet indulgences, and also features a

delicatessen where you can buy their unique products and gift ideas. As if that

wasn’t enough, Dolce y Vegana takes coffee-to-go to the next level, offering their

hot beverages in edible cups made from wafer. Sip on your caffeine hit and then

crunch on the sweet tempting biscuity cup without it even breaking away.

5. Cookaluzka

Combining incredibly delectable cuisines, Italian and Venezuelan, Cookaluska blends

intercontinental flavours with creative flair.

Offering a healthy alternative for

breakfast time, enjoy traditional dishes while sinking into one of their special


With over 32 variations of herbal teas, it’s the perfect place to relax with a

good book. Speaking of reading, they also have a small library in the restaurant

where they encourage book sharing.

A place where vegan foodies can stimulate

their minds and their taste buds with a new story to escape into over their delicious vegan dishes.

6. Hakuna Matata Veggie

Offering incredible vegan versions of typical Spanish dishes like rabo de toro and

fish-free calamares a la Andaluza, this restaurant offers a taste of Spain -and all


Its extensive menu offers drool-worthy plant-based starters, mains, and

desserts, alongside tempting cocktails to sip on.

They don’t leave anything out,

serving up hearty bowls of cream-free risotto topped with ‘parmavegano’ cheese

and offering tasty pizzas from Monday to Thursday.

And don’t forget their almighty

warm, gooey brownie served with hazelnut ice cream - simply delicious.

7. La Oveja Negra

La Oveja Negra, or the ‘black sheep’, certainly does stick out from the crowd. It’s an anti-speciesist cooperative composed mainly of the LGBT community, aiming to

bring show-stopping vegan dishes to the masses and promote a world in which we

can all be free.

This culinary revolution is inspired by the shared value of working

towards a better future and harvesting better relationships with each other and non-

human creatures that share this earth.

Their menu is affordable and tasty, with anything from delicious meat-free burgers and salads, to finger-licking plant-based


Leading the way

Madrid is an incredible place when it comes to dining out, and its new leading

position in the vegan world is attracting more and more people with knife and fork in

hand. It’s an excellent place for die-hard vegans and those curious about what the

plant-based life holds and how they can limit their consumption of animal products.

Terminal 42 is a leader in Barcelona culinary scene, bringing new temptations to the

many food lovers out there. To discover more food adventures, explore Terminal

42’s digital foodie magazine, Tu Mordisco, for more mouth-watering content.

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