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Experience the unique tastes of local cuisine and fine wines.

Barcelona is a Spanish city known for its many delights. From the distinctive culture to the sandy beaches, there’s always something new to try. However, the one element of this beautiful city that cannot be missed is its delectable cuisine. Whether it’s tapas or paella, there are various dishes that make this location unique.

Foodies from across the globe flock to Barcelona to try the different tastes and flavours on offer. But with so much choice, the best way to experience it all is to go on a food tour. Below are some of the best Barcelona food tours and what makes them so special.

Tapas and wine experience small-group walking tour

Experience both the exquisite foods and drinks of the city in this gastronomic tapas tour Barcelona. With a local guide, visitors can walk through the ultimate foodie scene, day or night, trying all the best tapas bars and dishes that are on offer. Not only will travellers be able to try the renowned Iberian ham and pan con tomate, but they’ll be exposed to a popular selection of regional wines. Each dish is paired to perfection with the ultimate drink, and since the group is small, everyone can enjoy personal service.

Drink and bites in Barcelona private tour

Make the most out of a visit to Barcelona by experiencing Catalonia’s high culinary standards on a private tour. Whether going alone or with friends and family, all visitors receive undivided attention from a private guide, allowing them to truly experience the tastes and flavours available. By taking the path less travelled, guests will try both tapas and wine that the locals adore. What makes this tour so unique is that not only are food and drink included, but visitors also get to learn about the strong history of the culinary culture in Barcelona.

The ten tastings of Barcelona with locals: private food tour

Learn about the local Barcelona lifestyle while enjoying the tastes of 10 different foods and drinks. Within three hours, visitors will be able to try Spanish delicacies like ham, churros, and famous Catalan wines. A private guide ensures each traveller makes the most out of their tour and comes out having had the experience of a lifetime. This tour can be experienced in the morning or afternoon, providing good options for foodies and their mealtimes. These three hours is a time to explore the Barcelona atmosphere, see the sights, and enjoy great food.

Interactive Spanish cooking experience in Barcelona

Take a guided trip where visitors not only get to taste the flavours of Spanish cuisines but also cook them themselves. This tour involves guests roaming around La Boqueria market, learning about the fresh ingredients and even choosing their own to cook with. Then, followed by a hands-on cooking class, travellers are able to create their own tapas, paellas, and even sangria, all with the help of a local chef. So not only does this tour showcase the dishes of the region, it also gives people the opportunity to take the flavours home with them after learning the recipes.

Sips, sites, and bites Barcelona food, drinks, and history tour

Enjoy the rich history and breathtaking sites of Barcelona while indulging in the foods and drinks of the region. From patatas bravas to croquettes, this tapas tour Barcelona has it all. There’s also the option to wash it down with a Cava or Vermut, as there are five beverages on offer. In between each delicious dish, the guests will travel through the city’s top districts, such as El Born, the Gothic Quarter, and La Barceloneta. With only eight travellers on each tour, every member gets a personalised experience, making it the ultimate day out.

Tapas and wine walking tour with Flamenco experience

This is one of the Barcelona food tours made authentic by a completely local guide. The opportunity to experience the booming nightlife while enjoying a selection of traditional dishes is what makes this tour so unique. While trying dishes from manchego cheese to fried octopus, travellers can wash it down with local wines while learning about the city’s rich history and culture. The night ends with an authentic flamenco show with bright costumes, amazing moves and lively music.

Tapas secret food tour in Barcelona

Indulge in all the different tastes of Catalonia on a walking tour assisted by a guide with a passion for food. With a particular focus on the different paella varieties, travellers will explore the various bars and restaurants that are the city’s hidden gems. While taking a bite of local cuisine and washing it down with a glass of traditional wine, guests can also learn about the region’s history and the different cultures that are a part of it. With a limit of ten travellers, everyone gets an intimate experience to remember.

Vegan food tour experience in Barcelona

From the Gothic Quarter to Barceloneta, vegans can enjoy the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the region on a night of adventure. With a range of sweet and savoury dishes crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients, travellers can indulge in memorable flavours. Equipped with a detailed commentary of the culinary culture of Catalonia, guests will feel like a local themselves. The combination of the evening atmosphere and the intimate tour guide makes this tapas tour Barcelona one not to miss.

Barcelona’s best private family food tour

Many families come to Barcelona to experience a fun-filled holiday, and this tour is perfect for parents and children who want to embrace the local cuisine. There are dishes suited for all tastes, and since the tour is private, the meals can be tailored to each person’s preferences. Each spot on the tour has been specially selected for kids, and the adults can get the undivided attention of a private guide to answer all their questions. With eight delicious local tastings on offer, no member of the family will be bored.

Sailing wine and tapas

Enjoy the tastes of Barcelona while having the sea breeze flow through your hair on a one hour cruise around the harbour. There’s the option for travellers to choose a glass of their chosen wine at the onboard bar before getting off to visit a local wine cellar. Each drink is paired with traditional Spanish tapas so that each guest can make the most out of every flavour available. With the mix of Mediterranean Sea views, delectable dishes, and premium wines, this calming tour has its own unique edge that needs to be experienced.

Try the local cuisine today

The Barcelona food tours on this list each have their selling points that can transform anyone’s journey into a vibrant one. Going on a food tour is always the best choice for those who want to get a complete gastronomy experience of the Catalonia regions. Prepare for exquisite flavours, memorable wines, and a time that all will enjoy. And don’t forget to visit Terminal42 and try their delicious signature cuisine menu.

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