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About Tumordisco

The team behind your lifestyle bites


We are a team of dedicated foodies, applying our unique signature style to everything we do. We travel Spain and curate the best it has to offer, revealing new food trends, undiscovered restaurants, and boutique businesses to experience, enjoy and support. Our ‘cocina de autor,’ or signature cuisine, has roots in traditional Spanish food and inspiration from around the world.

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Our own foodie haven: Terminal 42

Every food lover remembers that special kitchen where their culinary dreams took shape.

Ours is Terminal 42, our restaurant in Barcelona where we combine Catalan ingredients with international recipes, sharing our signature cuisine with the world. We welcome locals and travelers alike with surprising dishes, an inviting atmosphere, and experiences that can make anyone feel right at home.

A new culinary tradition

At Terminal 42, we are inspired by the extraordinary ingredients, food industry trends, and businesses around us creating unique experiences for their guests. That’s what it’s all about to us: applying our passions to create immersive experiences that are authentic from that first moment, bite, or step through the door.

We want to share other businesses taking a unique approach to their crafts to inspire our readers near and far. Step into our world of creativity, where you can experience this lifestyle in Spain for yourself. See its vibrancy, authenticity, and entrepreneurial spirit for yourself and discover something new along the way.

Discover the latest food trends
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