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How the coronavirus has changed the way restaurants do business

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As our beloved guests know, the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has resulted in a nationwide lockdown, requiring all bars and restaurants to shut. We can’t wait to get back to Barcelona’s energetic foodie scene, but in the meantime, a few interesting developments are emerging in the restaurant world.
The coronavirus pandemic has caused the entire industry to have a rethink about the way we serve our customers. Despite unfortunate circumstances, our fellow food industry workers know how to adapt in trying times, and this skill matters now more than ever. Restaurants across the globe are beginning to consider ways to innovate our way through this situation, and the results of this shift could change the food industry forever.

While we’re all hunkered down at home, let’s take a look at some of the ways restaurants are already adjusting their practices in our absence. When we reemerge from quarantine, we may be able to sin our teeth into a new and exciting food scene.

Did someone say delivery?

You may have noticed the speeding
motorcycles carrying Just Eat, Glovo, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats bags that have emerged on our streets in the past few years. What was once a foreign concept is now seeing a steady rise in popularity all over Spain. Even Gloria, a Michelin-star restaurant in Asturias, was already working with Deliveroo prior to the coronavirus lockdown. Up until now, Gloria stood alone as an unusual addition to your usual take out restaurants. But what if these restaurants that deliver offer a glimpse at the future of our country’s food industry?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants that deliver are popping up with an accelerated sense of urgency. As restaurants and bars were forced to close, take out restaurants continue operating, employing companies like Deliveroo and Glovo to safely transport foodie favourites right to customers’ doors. As restaurants across the globe begin to reconsider their practices, even award-winning restaurants in the US are getting creative, offering drive-up and delivery services to accommodate patrons.

restaurants that deliverAs for Spain, our weekly habits of drinks in the sunshine and tapas in crowded bars have come to a screeching halt, causing business to nosedive quickly. Businesses who rely on in-house guests have been hit the hardest, while restaurants that deliver have faired better thus far. It seems now is the moment for restaurants to enrol in delivery options like Glovo, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats, quickly rebranding as take out restaurants as a means of survival.

The dawn of a new era

restaurants that deliverThese days, any business knows the importance of having an online presence. Restaurants that were previously holding out on embracing the digital realm are now going online to stay connected. Staying top of mind with customers is crucial, and without storefronts, shop windows, or the temptation of a nice seating area in a sun-drenched plaza, the internet is our best chance at maintaining our cherished connection with valued customers.

Other than turning to the internet as new take out restaurants, many restaurants are using their websites, social media, blogs, and other online tools to stay connected with their customers. This will undoubtedly impact the way these restaurants connect with their patrons in the future, as we work to build a sense of connection that thrives even after guests have left our establishments.

Restaurants are also using the internet to come together and support one another and work together to find solutions that help them all survive in these difficult times.

A community effort

Despite the isolation, communities across the country have found unique ways of coming together to support one another. Restaurants are donating and distributing food to communities in need, offering up their kitchens, supplies, and labourers to serve the greater good. Companies like Sushifresh are determined to help, making sure hundreds of people in hospitals in Barcelona can count on a fresh dinner each day.
take out restaurants

This takes the concept of “restaurants that deliver” to a whole new level, allowing the hospitality industry across the country to serve the most vulnerable members of their communities. In these uncertain times brought on by the coronavirus, the determination, kindness, and generosity of our food industry as they show they are truly part of our communities is nothing short of heartwarming.

Hope for the future

restaurants that deliver
Despite the obstacles we are currently facing, humanity’s ability to adapt and evolve ensures we will get through this together. A bright future lies ahead, and that includes the future of the take out restaurants in Spain. The rise of unique delivery concepts make possibilities endless, and we know this industry is just getting started in terms of innovation. Imagine a world where your favourite signature cocktail is delivered fresh to your door, or gourmet-level cuisine that you can indulge in at home. The sky is the limit, and restaurants that deliver are proof that human creativity and community are stronger than ever as we face the coronavirus together.

So instead of feeding the panic, let’s continue to nourish each other with community support and innovation. Consider browsing the web to see if your favourite restaurant has popped up within the options of take out restaurants. As always, food continues to find ways of bringing us together when we need our communities most!

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